20 Authors no one reads any more!

Taylor Caldwell – many great big books – “Dear and Glorious Physician” might ring a bell.

Denis Wheatley – quite a few dealing with the supernatural – “The Devil Rides Out” had me terrified for months!

James A Michener – his books were huge; many of them were made into movies; “Hawaii” being one of them. They were huge family sagas, involving many generations.

Wilkie Collins – the first author to write detective stories, notably “The Woman in White” and “The Moonstone”. Himself and Dickens were friends but he has been forgotten now.

James Clavell – I read and loved all his books; they were big books; I mentioned “Shogun” in the Large Books list. But they contained whole other worlds to get lost in and were so readable.

Somerset Maugham – he wrote many books and some became movies too – “The Razor’s Edge” and “Of Human Bondage” come to mind straight away. His short stories were unforgettable.

Graham Greene – again, many of his novels were turned into movies but no one seems to read the books any more, and they were great.

Frank Yerby – historical, colourful, and great fun, set in America’s deep south.

Maurice Walsh – the Irish writer from Kerry, responsible for one famous movie – “The Quiet Man”. It was a short story in a collection called “Green Rushes”. He wrote many books, all very romantic and all set in Ireland or Scotland.

Evelyn Waugh – who wrote “Brideshead Revisited” which was made into that wonderful, beautiful series. He also wrote many very funny books.

Henry James – I love Henry James; he’s old-fashioned of course but the novels are so good. Also made into many films – “Portrait of a Lady” “Washington Square” and “The Turn of the Screw”.

E M Forster – it’s becoming difficult to find an author whose books were NOT turned into movies! I’ll only mention my favourite one of his – “A Room with a View”.

D K Broster – no movies! He was a Scottish writer who wrote a trilogy of historical novels, all set in Scotland – very romantic!

I’ll just mention a couple of romantic novelists from my youth – I’m quite sure today’s young ones would find them hilarious: Denise Robins, Ethel M Dell, Barbara Cartland.

And a couple of detective writers – Dorothy L Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie – does anyone read her books any more? So many glossy movies.



5 thoughts on “20 Authors no one reads any more!

  1. This is very interesting and informative. It has brought back memories of books I also read in my youth. Enjoyed reading your lists. Thank you.

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  2. A friend of mine refers to Wilkie Collins’ Armadale as ‘Arma-whale’ because it was such an enormous book! That might be partially why some of these writers have gone out of fashion – too much meandering in the storytelling.


  3. it depends whom you consider. There are a lot of people part of The Classics Club, and these are names often reviewed there. I really enjoy Collins. And as it’s the 100 anniversary of the 1st appearance of Hercule Poirot, I have started a project of re-listening to all the novels and stories, in chronological order of publication. I did that for Sherlock Holmes a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    Here is my current list for The Classic Club: you make a list for yourself of 50 classics to read in 5 years. on the post, there’s a link to the club page: https://wordsandpeace.com/2019/09/12/the-classics-club-2019-2024/

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    1. Hello WordsAndPeace! I read your lists! Janey – I have not read them all, and when it comes to classics I thought I’d been through them all – given my advanced age! I shall certainly try to catch up and set aside the thrillers I’m reading at the moment. When I was younger I read the Russians, the French, the English and other Europeans; some Americans too, Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald, Capote, to name a few. I will have another look at your lists and pick out a few to be going on with. I’m actually looking for a reviewer to look at my own ebook just published, but I think you are much too highbrow for me. Thanks for the lists.


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