A couple of haikus

Since I have been immersing myself in Japanese writers recently, I thought I’d have a go at a few haikus:


  1. Be still; half-close your                                                                       

eyes, and listen to the sound                            

of the universe.                                                

2. My hands kneading dough                               

become your hands in cloudy              

puffs of wheaten flour.

3. Fragile spider’s web –

its silken, silver threads a

charnel house of flies.

4. A slimy, silver

trail across my balcony –

well, snails must live too.

5. My face against the

grass, I smell the fecund earth,

watch the insects creep.

6. A homeless man called

out – today I did not eat –

a wail of anguish.

It’s fun to do actually; I enjoyed writing them!



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