3 Haikus

  1. Blessed, healing rain

soaks into my parched skin and

flushes out all grief.

2. Narrow, stone-walled streets,

palace, church and square resound

with strains of Mahler.

3. My new laptop lives –

it whispers, groans and purrs and

winks its crimson eyes.

From my collection “From There to Here” which I will publish on Amazon Kindle before the end of the year.


3 thoughts on “3 Haikus

    1. Really? Thanks a million – that’s wonderful! I’m new to this so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I had a look at the link you sent but I feel like I’m excited and floundering a bit at the same time . . . not too familiar with links. However, I can call on my technical back up – my daughter!
      Best regards and thanks again.

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