“Alter Ego” from MINUS ONE

Her edges blurred

With layers of cloth

Pink and pinky-brown

And dusty blue

Old velvet, bits of lace

Threaded ribbons

Round her skirts

A trail of sweetness

Follows every move

Of hyacinth and lily

Minions flock

When she lifts a lazy hand

Starved for a smile

They do her bidding

Grateful to be asked

Undressed she’d be

A rosy Renoir nude

A little plump

Pink-apple cheeked

With rolling thighs

And tumbling auburn hair

If I was her

I wouldn’t dress at all

Ditch the lace and velvet

But I’m not her.

Available from Amazon in paperback and kindle format.


4 thoughts on ““Alter Ego” from MINUS ONE

    1. Hello Robbie and thank you for your kind comment. This poem is in MINUS ONE – a collection of poems, haikus with photographs. I only published it recently so thank you for the support! The book is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle format.

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      1. Thank you, I love poetry and I have purchased a copy of your new book. I host a monthly series called Treasuring Poetry on Writing to be Read blog with Kaye Lynne Booth. Let me know if you would like to be my April guest. I have 5 questions for poets to answer and share my reviews of their books. You can email me at sirchoc[at]outlook[dot]com.

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