Loved, and lived in, books

I was looking along the bookshelves recently and noticed how many old books were battered looking, stuck with cellotape, torn edges, etc. So, I asked myself, would I like new copies? No, I would not. These books were all read many times; they have coffee and wine stains; pages had been turned down, passages were underlined; comments were written along margins. These are MY books, loved, and lived in. A lot of them are old Russian classics; I have at least six by Orwell. I have Rebecca and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Every book I have, has been read at least twice, and I wonder which will be the next ones to be held together with tape. Perhaps all of Patrick de Witt’s books, Redhead by the Side of the Road, by Ann Tyler, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

I’m always happy to find brand new books that I can really love. These days, I depend on my children to make suggestions. I stand in bookshops and haven’t a clue what’s good, and what is not. When I was young this was never a problem for me; I knew exactly what I wanted.

Ah well, old age, I suppose.


9 thoughts on “Loved, and lived in, books

  1. Love my old and battered books – I have a copy of The Lord of the Rings that I’ve had for close to 20 years. It’s very yellowed, has a faded cover and some sellotape on the cover and even though I have newer copies I could read, I still pick up the old copy every time.

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  2. I have many old books also, Elizabeth. I was sentimental about them for a long time. There are too many things I’m sentimental about, but I started to declutter and give some away and recycle some.

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  3. I like the sight of these books, they certainly look like they have been read and loved. I have one book, which isn’t really a book anymore, but a collection of loose pages. I’ve read it so many times. These days, I mostly buy e-books, so there is also something nostalgic about your photos.

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      1. Travelling / commuting was exactly why I got the Kindle. But now I use it all the time. Oh, and you reminded me I probably should book an appointment at the dentist – haven’t been to regular check during lockdown… 🙄


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