Haiku for Primroses

Primroses in a  

ditch, surviving wind and rain, 

lighting up the gloom.

I am currently putting together a collection of poetry including photographs which I have taken myself along the river. The collection will be called The Red Petticoat and it’s almost ready.

Favourite haikus from 2020

  1. My hands kneading dough       

become your hands in cloudy  

puffs of wheaten flour.

2. Pale, foaming ribbons

flooding river brown with peat

rushing from the hills.

3. Fragile spider’s web –

its silken, silver threads a

charnel house of flies.

4. Soft, warm Autumn breeze

blows among bright, yellow leaves

readies them for death.

5. Magpies black and white,

machine gun clatter chatter,

strut across the grass.

A Universal Haiku

Be still; half-close your                                                                        

eyes, and listen to the sound  

of the universe.