Listen to the Universe | A haiku

Be still; half-close your

eyes, and listen to the sound

of the universe.


SEASCAPES from Minus One

  1. Midnight, and the pale moon palely     

Lighting up the worm beds on the beach.

We hoked them out, threw them wriggly into buckets.

Damp knees in the damp sand.

Uneasy in the stillness, watching for the yellow hair of fairies,

Hidden in the tide, their voices from another world.

That white beach an other world itself

That sent me home a changeling

Waiting to reclaim myself.

2. Barely rose, pearly in the dawn,

An angry sea throws spray across the wall,

Wrecks the boats tied up beneath the lighthouse on the pier.

Its flashing light lights up the summer picnic island.

Foam spuming flying, keeping all indoors.

Seaweed stranded on the road like giant insects.

And I, an elemental on a swing, lick my salty lips and

And watch the sea for Manaman, its King.

Oscar’s Grief

I hear the river

rushing to the sea

onwards always,

splashing over hidden rocks

and weirs,

foaming down the falls.

I tread the river path,

smell the warming earth

and grass. Wild flowers

compete with lilac’s

nodding heads and

sweetest hawthorn

These things which Oscar mourned,

shut away from light and air,

more precious in his mind

than freedom.