Launching “Minus One”

I’ve been very busy all week finalising the text and cover for my poetry collection, Minus One. I’m going to publish it next Friday, the 29th January. Would anyone be willing to help with the launch? I can email the text, the cover, photographs and some author facts. If you could write a short review as well, that would be terrific. It’s not a long book, sixty pages in all and the poems are short. I include the title poem and the cover here:


My magic circle broken

Minus one

The first one

To close his eyes

At first I hardly noticed

You were gone, but now

Your absence grips my throat

Chokes my breath

How much of you is me?

I have your hands

Your hazel eyes

Your quick dismissive shrug

I have your taste

In books and booze

I hear my voice

Confirm your old convictions

How much of you is me

Stretching to close the circle?

Thank you so much to anyone who is willing to participate.


Some days, I wish I’d been a nun

Cloistered, curtained by the hanging

Green of trees. pale apple green,

Serene cloak. Measured days and nights

Paced from hour to praying hour

No pride no lust no greed no lies

No loss no gain no pain no strife

But peace, pale apple green, serene

Soft poultice on the quick of life.